Clevedon Physiotheraphy

Sophie C treats women and men for pelvic floor dysfunction. Pelvic floor dysfunction can present in a variety of ways including poor bowel and bladder control, constipation, pelvic pain, and sexual pain/dysfunction. She also provides pre-op/post-op checkups for those undergoing pelvic surgery.

Ante-natal and post-natal pelvic floor screening appointments can optimize pelvic health and core function throughout a pregnancy and postpartum and prevent pelvic floor dysfunction throughout this time on increased demand on the pelvic floor. The best time to book in for an antenatal checkup is in the second trimester and 6 weeks postpartum.

ACC Injury:
If you have had an injury occur at work or home, you can come directly to Clevedon Physio with no doctors referral necessary. We can help get you back doing the activities you love the most by helping you to restore your movement and decrease your pain. We use a combination of exercise-based and hands on treatment to augment your recovery. ACC covers a portion of the appointment cost.